Arcadia Point Boat Launch

Arcadia Point Boat Launch

Visiting Hope Island State Park

This popular boat ramp is a great jumping off point to Hope Island State Park. Visitors to Hope Island State Park who want the quickest way to the island can put in and cross over in a few minutes. Keep an eye on the tides, the water around Hope Island State Park off Arcadia Point Boat Ramp can be pretty goofy.

Kayaking off Arcadia Point

Few places offer as many different choices for kayaking adventures as Arcadia Point. The new kayaker is motivated to learn and make the trip over to Hope Island State Park. They can cruse along the shore until they feel comfortable enough to venture out further. Another fun kayak adventure is to ride the “hammersley inlet express” into oakland bay or get out at walker park. Arcadia Point Boat Ramp is a great place to learn how to kayak, the shore is gravel and forgiving to those learning to get in and out of the kayak. A great recommended kayak trip is going around Squaxin Island for a half day trip, keep in mind to obey posted no trespassing signs. Other suggested trips are heading down Totten Inlet, the southern most point of Harstine Island (Dana Point), or the Marina near Steam Boat Island that sometimes has a crowd of seals sunbathing near by.

Kayaking around Hope Island on a warm summer day is a classic five star kayak trip that everyone should do at least once.


During Fall fishing season the Arcadia Point Boat Ramp is a great place to put in near Shelton and have a many options open to the angler who has a boat. Your boats will be pretty safe putting in regardless of the level of the tide, since the the Arcadia Point Boat Ramp seems to go on forever. Send us a picture if you ever see the end of that thing.

Many shellfish companies use the Arcadia Point Boat Ramp at all times of the day or night, so don’t be surprised when you pull up if the parking lot has has many trucks in it.

Arcadia Point boat ramp & boat launch
Arcadia Point Boat Ramp underwent a renovation during the summer of 2011 and the boat ramp is as good a ramp as you will find anywhere around Mason County. The Squaxin Island Tribe did a great job on this boat launch, and its great they let us all use it. Arcadia Point Boat Ramp is also where the Squaxin Island Tribe has a couple of annual traditions like The First Salmon Ceremony and some years the Canoe Journey.

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