Fall Garden Works

Fall Garden Works

As the leaves start to turn golden and the temperature cools, don’t give up on the garden. There is still plenty to do out there before we herbinate for the winter. Take a look around and you will see unwanted pests that snuck in while you were soaking up the sun and having fun. Fall is the perfect time in Mason County to remove those uninvited visitors. It’s also an ideal time to trim shrubs, divide and move perennials.

Fall Garden Works Mason County

Fall is also a great time to add amendments such as lime and peat moss to your soil. This will help loosen up the sun baked soil to make gardening easier and more fun. Your plants and shrubs will eat up this added benefit to help them winter over and give them an added boost come next Spring. It is also a good time to fertilize to promote root growth and healthy plants and shrubs.

Fall Garden Works lawn mason county
Talking about fertilizing let’s not forget the lawn. After the dry hot summer here in Mason County we just had, the lawn could use a healthy application of fertilizer now that moisture has found it’s way back in the weather. Remember to follow directions and don’t over apply. One last item to think about is bulb planting. Remember last Spring when you enjoyed the neighbors bright spring blooming bulbs of tulips and daffodils? Fall is the best time to plant bulbs for a riot of color next Spring. Happy Gardening!

Happy Gardening,

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