Hope Island State Park Review

Hope Island State Park Review

Hope Island State Park near Shelton WA.

If island adventure is what you are seeking, you will be delighted with Hope Island.  It is one of Puget Sound’s rare jewels that awaits discovery and just like Robinson Crusoe you can be lord of the island while exploring this uninhabited treasure!

Come early to Hope Island State Park on holiday or warm sunny weekends if your marine camping offshore. The Mooring Buoys for camping in your boat fill up pretty fast. Many Kayakers will enjoy putting in at Walker Park and paddling out to Hope Island via the Hammersley Inlet. Hammersley is a saltwater river ride if you time the currents right to transport you to Hope Island State Park. The water around Hope Island can be pretty goofy depending on the currents created by the tides.
Kayaking to Hope Island State Park

Commander Charles Wilkes named Hope Island for one of his crew in 1841.  Wilkes was engaged in the mission of charting Puget Sound in the mid 1800’s.  The Island is a 106 acre site and part of the 140 mile long Cascadia Marine Watertrail on the Eastern side of Mason County.  Reachable only by boat, it is covered with Old Growth forests, saltwater marshes and a 1.5 mile long beach.  Activities include hiking through two miles of trails, fishing, clamming, beach combing, bird watching and sea kayaking.  There is limited primitive camping on the island in addition to marine camping offshore.  No water is available, but there are two vault toilets.
Kayaking to Hope Island State Park

We love kayaking around Hope Island State Park at low tide in the summer, you get to see so many creatures in and out of the water. The raccoons come out in mobs looking for food to eat and the birds are all shopping for lunch.

Kayaking Hope Island from Arcadia Point

If you are just trying to get over to Hope Island its about 2/3 of a mile from Arcadia Point Boat Ramp. Doing a loop around the Island is a little under 3 miles depending on the route you take. It is a great adventure for those just starting out and fun to explore an Island that can only be accessed by boat.

So bring your spy glass and walking stick and come create your own adventure!

You could find a hidden treasure in Hope Island State Park. Plenty of secluded beaches. A definite hot spot for both kayakers and boaters. During low tide there is plenty of sea life to explore. Playful seals are often nearby off shore. Come play on one of the many beaches or enjoy a serene hike around the well marked path. You can find camping as well. Bring your sunblock and your sense of adventure.
Hope Island
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