Mason Lake County Park & Boat Launch

Mason Lake County Park & Boat Launch

Summer fun at Mason Lake

  • Camping at Mason Lake is limited to the Simpson Employees Recreation Area. Their are many rentals and places near enough to the lake that you can make it a summer destination for fun in the water no matter what you situation.
  • Boating and Jet skiing – during summer weekends you might not find the perfect water for water skiing but its great for boating with kids being towed with inflatable items to ride on. Jet skis and other personal water craft are very popular and many people enjoy having choppy water for riding around on.
  • Water Skiing and Wake boarding – If however you are lucky enough to be around during the week even in the summer the lake is much more calm and you can get some mirror like water for those who know what its like to ski on perfect glass.
  • Kayaking and Canoeing – Mason Lake is long enough that kayaking or Canoeing year round is a great adventure. Friendly lakes make a great place for the beginning Canoers get comfortable or the seasoned veteran kayaker training for a summer expedition by paddling the entire length of the lake for a great workout.
  • Fireworks – Mason Lake has two great fireworks shows during the 4th of July celebrations. The formal one is on the 3rd of July when a barge is floated out into the middle of the lake and a professional fireworks show is enjoyed by all. Then if you get down by the water on the 4th you can enjoy hundreds of small personal fireworks shows. Both are great and make Mason Lake the perfect place to be every Independence Day.

When I retire I would love to live at Mason Lake year round. We love sitting on the porch and watching the eagles and other birds fishing and flying around. Its one of our favorite places in the world.

A few years ago the boat launch at Mason Lake County Park underwent a big transformation.

  • The parking lot which used to be a smaller gravel lot is now expanded and a good sized paved parking lot with pull thru parking for people pulling boats.
  • The dock was redone (see your Mason Lake Boat Ramp before and after images below), and is now a very nice updated dock that should last for years. The new dock at Mason Lake boat launch should now result in far fewer splinters in peoples feet compared to the one that was removed.
  • Saving the best improvement for last, the actual boat ramp at Mason Lake County Park has been redone. All the cement was torn out and replace so not only do you have good traction, but the slope of the Mason Lake Boat Ramp has been changed. You may not recall, but before the changes it was some good entertainment to set up some lawn chairs at the dock at the end of a busy summer weekend and watch the comedy show that would ensue when people where taking their boats out on the old ramp. Couples arguing, smaller trucks getting stuck, boats getting dunked back into the lake and full of water, people waiting impatiently for someone to get out of the way, ah the fun.

Mason Lake is a great place to bring your family for the 4th of July. The fireworks show on the 3rd is top notch and the party atmosphere is great. It makes a great family tradition.

Now it should be easy to get your boat in the waters of Mason Lake and if you have been thru the old gauntlet, take heart, come back and try the new easy version.

Mason Lake Boat Launch just minutes from downtown Shelton WA , you and your family and friends can be enjoying the pristine waters of relaxing Mason Lake. Where Bald Eagle sightings are so frequent you can almost take them for granted. Whether you like to ski or fish Mason Lake is bound to help you go home feeling refreshed. Swimming, fishing, boating or just being lazy enjoy your stay at one of the nicest lakes in the area.

The new dock at Mason Lake County Park

Mason Lake County Park & Boat Launch

The old dock at the Mason Lake County Park
Mason Lake County Park & Boat Launch

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