Port of Allyn Boat Launch

Port of Allyn Boat Launch

If you want to explore the Case Inlet launching your boat from Allyn is a great idea.

  • The Port of Allyn Boat Launch is at the northern end of the Case Inlet so you get quick access when coming from the north via Bremerton or Gig Harbor
  • The boot ramp in Allyn is modern, good size, moderate grade and has plenty of supplies near by in case you forgot some thing or need gas
  • One recommended adventure starting at Port of Allyn Boat Launch is taking a tour around Harstine island, you might even stop at Jarrell Cove state park.
  • The dock at Port of Allyn Boat Launch is long and well taken care of so its good fun to park you boat if you started at a different point, come into town and get a bite to eat and stretch your legs in Allyn.

We love stopping by the Allyn boat ramp to grab some supplies when we are out on an adventure during the warm days of summer

Port of Allyn Boat Launch
Be aware at extreme low tides you may not be able to get your boat out if the end of the boat ramp is out of the water. This doesn’t happen very often but when it does you might have to wait a little while and let the water come up. When this does happen its a fun opportunity to explore Allyn WA.

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