ShellFest at Belfair State Park

ShellFest at Belfair State Park

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission and the Washington State Parks Foundation invite the public to attend Centennial 2013 ShellFest at Belfair State Park in Mason County.

ShellFest starts at 10:30 a.m. and ends at 3p.m.
Saturday, May 25, at Belfair State Park

Activities and fun things to do at ShellFest

  • Educational exhibits – Learn about restoring and protecting shellfish beds in Puget Sound as part of the Governor’s Shellfish Initiative.
  • Lunch is free with a suggested donation of $5 a person or $15 a family to benefit the Washington State Parks Foundation.
  • Low-tide walks guided by local experts
  • Presentations by the Skokomish Tribe include cedar bark pounding, short rope weaving demonstrations, songs and drumming and storytelling.

ShellFest at Belfair State Park
Shellfest is an educational event for the whole family to learn from exhibits about the marine environment in the Puget Sound and Hood canal. An overriding theme of ShellFest at Belfair State Park is to teach people how our action effect the environment. At ShellFest you will learn how septic systems, pets, cars, landscaping and more have a direct effect on the Hood Canal and Puget Sound. For more information visit

The exhibits for kids to learn about shellfish were great

Learn About Myths & Misconception at Shellfest

  • You should only harvest shellfish in months that have the letter “R” in them. FALSE; This is a common misconception. Shellfish can be toxic or safe at any time of the year.
  • You know shellfish are safe to eat if you see seagulls eating them and they don’t seem sick. FALSE; Observinc animals that have consumed shellfish wil not tell you if the shelfish are toxic!
  • Cooking shellfish in boinling water will remove toxins, making them safe to eat. FALSE; Unlike bacterial pathogens such as Vilbrios, biotoxings do not cook out of shellfish.

Belfair State Park
3151 N.E. State Route 300
Belfair, WA

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